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Friday, June 16, 2006

Samatha Baremore ~ Law Enforcement Steps Up Investigation!

I have been working most of the morning on getting Samatha listed with missing persons organizations and web sites...

Another article appeared today in the Winston Salem Journal

Portion of article below:

Since the story appeared in the Journal, police have ramped up their efforts to solve the case. "We've put all our resources into it, and we've just recently assigned an additional detective to assist the detective who originally had the case," said Assistant Chief Louis Saunders, who heads up the department's investigations units.

Police should tell the family as much as they can about the case, as well as what measures they're taking to solve it. And anyone with information about what happened to Baremore should call Crime Stoppers at 727-2800 or detectives at 773-7716.

Patrick Wilson's original news article about Samatha

Patrick Wilson ~ Thank you so much for bringing attention to Samatha's story!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Remembering Sherri Lee Truesdale ~ Missing since 1970

Sherri Lee Truesdale went missing June 13, 1970 from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She left her home on Pitt Street in Winston-Salem at 11:30 a.m. and rode the bus to the mall. Truesdale never returned to her family's residence and has not been heard from again.

Sherri was described as a quiet, studious girl. She had won a scholarship to attend a summer fine-arts program at Mount Tabor High School and one of the reasons she went to the mall was to buy school supplies. She also planned to buy donuts for her older sister and make payments on her mother's charge account at Rayless Department Store. She was last seen by a clerk at the department store at 4:30 p.m.

Sherri’s parents reported her missing June 14, the day after she went missing. When she did not come home they spent the night searching for her. After not being able to find her, they thought she might have drowned in one of the creeks at Happy Hill Park. It had rained heavily that night and there was flooding.

No trace of Sherri has ever been found.

Did you know Sherri back in 1970? Did she talk to you about anything that seemed unimportant to you then, but might have some significance now? Is there anyone out there who remembers something?

Vital Statistics
Date of Birth: May 15, 1956
Age at Time of Disappearance: 14 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4'2" and 75 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black female. Black hair; brown eyes.
Marks, Scars: A mole above her upper lip and a mole on the back of the base of her neck. She also has pierced ears.
Clothing: A blue shirt, blue bell-bottom pants, and a girl’s wristwatch with black leather or plastic band. Wearing Pentagon-shaped aqua blue earrings and brown loafers.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Winston-Salem Police Department

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Samatha Baremore ~ A Beautiful Smile, Still Missing

Samatha has been missing since April 6, 2004 from Winston-Salem NC. She was last seen leaving in a taxi from Sugar Bares VIP club on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive where she worked as a stripper. She is 5'6" and weighs 115 pounds. She has a tattoo of her dead father's name on her thigh. Her family nickname is "Pinky". She dances under the name "Sunshine".

Winston-Salem Journal Reporter Patrick Wilson interviewed Samatha’s mother, Barbara Ashe, a portion of that interview follows:

A mother's instincts: "She's no longer here"
Barbara Ashe remembers clearly the talk she had with her daughter at the family home in Lexington six years ago, after Samatha Baremore had moved to Winston-Salem to become a stripper.

If you keep living the life you're living in Winston-Salem, Ashe angrily told her daughter, you'll end up dead. Four years later, in April 2004, Baremore disappeared. Now, after two emotion-filled years of searching, traveling and posting fliers, Ashe's instincts as a mother are painful.

"I just feel in my heart that she's no longer here," she said. Her mother said she knows that Baremore wouldn't leave without a trace - not without calling to check on her daughter, Alexis, now 11, and not without calling the family to let them know that she was all right. But the pain of not knowing, she said, cannot be described.

A woman called "Sunshine"
Baremore's family first thought that something was wrong when her sister, Walt-Tex Baremore, went to the club about 11 p.m. on April 8 to pick her up. Baremore didn't have a car, and her sister often picked her up before family birthdays and holidays. But an employee said that Baremore wasn't there.

So Walt-Tex Baremore went back the next night, April 9. When an employee said he hadn't seen Baremore at work for a few days, Walt-Tex Baremore called their mother to tell her that something was wrong.

On April 10, the day before Easter, Walt-Tex Baremore joined Samatha's other sister, Erricka, and another relative, Althea Brodie, and they looked for her in Winston-Salem. Brodie, a niece of Baremore's father, has raised Baremore's daughter since 1999.

They went to clubs, housing projects and gas stations asking if anyone knew a dancer named Sunshine. They drove to the apartment off Silas Creek Parkway where Baremore lived with her boyfriend, Cedrick Bobby Lemon.

Inside the apartment, they found Baremore's possessions, including her dance bag, packed up near the door. Walt-Tex Baremore said she knew her sister wouldn't have left without her dance bag if she was going far.
"She always took that bag with her," she said.

John Donovan Remains Found: Missing Mans Backpack Credited with Two Dallas Hikers Survival

Police and volunteers suspect they've found the remains of a Virginia man missing since vanishing in May 2005 while hiking in the Southern California wild.

The remains were found near John Donovan's backpack, which was discovered a month ago by two hikers who credited its contents for their survival. Donovan was last seen alive near the California's San Bernardino National Forest.

Last month, two hikers from Dallas -- Brandon Day and Gina Allen -- became separated from their group for three days when they found Donovan's backpack. They used matches from the pack to light a fire that signaled their location to searchers. They also used clothes found in the bag to stay warm.

The remains were found near a campsite believed to have been set up by Donovan.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Danny Frick & Georgia Frick: 48 Years of Law Enforcement Service

I read yesterday that these guys were hanging up their uniforms. The Fricks are retiring after a combined career of 48 years. Over the years they have become familiar faces to most everyone… the good, the bad, and the arrested, in Surry County, NC.

The notorious State Trooper Danny Frick was not a face you wanted to see if you were on the wrong side of the law. But rest assured you couldn’t ask for a better man to show up if you were in need of help. He is one of the finest men to ever wear the uniform.

I remember the first time I ever saw Danny he didn’t have a uniform on. He was walking across a parking lot. I looked at him and told my husband, “I’d bet all the money I have that man is a State Trooper”. My husband asked why I was so sure. I told him, “He walks like one, full of pride and self-confidence. I later found out I was right.

As for his lovely wife Georgia, she is a great and patient lady. Her career not only took her to the DMV but the Sheriffs Dept., Police Dept. and the Drivers License Division. I have had more than a few occasions to see her in action. I’m pretty sure she gave both my kids their driving test… God Bless Her and Her Nerves.

Danny & Georgia I hope you have a wonderful life outside of Law Enforcement. You both have been officers of the highest caliber.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Tina & Bethany Sinclair: Missing Since 2001

Mother and Daughter have been missing for over 5 years from West Chesterfield, NH. They were last seen on Feb. 3, 2001. They were living in the home of Tina’s boyfriend, Eugene Van Bowman, at the time. According to Mr. Bowman, he and Tina had a fight late that night and he left. When he returned both Tina and Bethany were gone.

Last known movements of Tina & Bethany:
Feb. 3, 2001 Tina Sinclair picked up her daughter, Bethany from the Movie Theater and brought her home. That was around 11:30 PM. Bethany spoke with her boyfriend on the phone just before midnight. She excused herself from the phone conversation saying she had to finish washing her clothes. That was the last known communication with Tina or Bethany Sinclair.

Tina's car, cat, and both women's possessions were found still at the home. Eugene Van Bowman is considered a person of interest in this case.

New Hampshire Division of State Police Missing Persons
Tina Sinclair
AGE: 34
DOB: 11-29-66
HEIGHT: 5'2"
SCARS-MARKS-TATTOOS Scar from navel down as a result of surgery. Tattoo on right ankle of a butterfly

Bethany Sinclair
AGE: 15
DOB: 10-15-85
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'2'
SCARS AND MARKS - U-Shaped scar on head. Bethany may be wearing a crucifix pendant around her neck.

The family of Tina & Bethany Sinclair would appreciate your help. They send an open invitation to come join them in the discussion of this case. Click on the link below to join them.
Facebook Group