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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Delia Cly Hoax: or A Kidnapped Child?

The story of Delia Cly was and may still be posted on the Childseek Network if they have not removed the information. A member of "The Baker Street Connection" brought this story to our attention. We were prepared to help this lady find out her true identity but collectively felt it would only be chasing our tails without DNA testing to prove her theory. She claimed to have been kidnapped at a very young age by the man who raised her. She said this man had refused DNA testing. It was my belief, then and now, that she could have forced him into DNA testing through a court order or further help from Law Enforcement. The story went no further here but, took on a life of it's own at Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community.

I would like to make it clear that I am also a member at Websleuths and I respect all the wonderful people there. They are smart, loving, caring, and kind people… with the biggest hearts you will ever find on the Internet. They spent thousands of hours trying to help this lady, only to be slapped in the face. Yes… they should have followed their head instead of their heart, but they didn’t and that is what makes them the special people they are.

The Delia Cly story was a Spotlight Case featured thread. It began with “Who is Delia Cly?” and progressed on to Who is Delia Cly Part 2 and Who is Delia Part 3 with many other special sections of discussion.

The suspected hoax came to an end on May 4, 2006 at 11:38 PM. Had it not been for a perceptive member by the name of “SLY” it may have lasted longer.

It is not known at this time whether or not her story is true in any way, shape, or form. But it has been reported to The Federal Government Internet Fraud Dept., The FBI, and The Childseek Network. I suspect an investigation is in the works.

Notice: If you run a forum or chat site please do not let this person take up your time. She may need help, we do not dispute that… but it is not something that requires anything less than a trained professional in the field of Psychiatry or Law Enforcement. Which one… we are not sure.

D. G. Smith


  1. With all due respect and appreciation, SLY spoke with Delia's family days after her alleged hoax was exposed. Her story began to fall apart when members began requesting proof of the DNA test method/results she allegedly took with a sister. She had been advised numerous times to contact law enforcement with her story so a proper investigation could take place, requiring her alleged abuctors to submit DNA samples. Delia's failure to reply to emails, private messages and posts and finally cancelling her Websleuths membership, confirmed what the majority had come to suspect. SLY shared information from a discussion with Delia's ex-husband that confirmed what we knew. He also discovered the identity of Delia's 2nd husband that we had no knowledge of. That has peaked our curiosity to answer the question we'd hope to answer from the beginning: Who is Delia Cly??

  2. To clarify and add to the post above...SLY DID confirm that it was in fact a hoax based on what her first husband disclosed to him. Apparently she has done "this type of thing before". WS members believed it was a hoax, but SLY got confirmation from the closest relation to Delia that was able to be contacted.

  3. I just thought you would want to know what I know. I am not sure whether she is his daughter or not, but I am sure that she left home at age 13 because he was molesting her. He was also molesting her older sister. After Delia left home he started molesting her youngest sister, age 5. Twenty Nine years later he molested
    his 11 year old grand daughter who he took from her mother by gun point threatening to kill her if she would not leave without her kids. All of these girls were threatened with their lives to keep them from talking. To prove his point he shot the youngest sister when she was nine years old and had her mother, who was a nurse, take care of the wound and not report it. Three of the girls, one still a minor at this time, reported this to Yavapi County Sheriff Sex Crime Detective several years ago and as of today they still have not heard back from them at all. There is much more to this story than you could ever know. Delia has every right to question whether this monster is her father or not. Her youngest sister wants to know if he is her father also. These are facts that are
    documented and not heresay from an ex-husband.

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Wow John or "Delia" (probably)... which ever... These facts seem to be taken right from the book "Mother's Day". QUOTE: Theresa dug a bullet out of her daughter Susan's chest with a paring knife.

    You are not fooling anyone.

  5. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Im sure that you have all read the comment by john. who ever put that he made that story up needs to get there facts straight. I am the granddaughter of jesse Ray Davis the monster that molested delia, my mother,and my oldes aunt.My name is abbie clark. I reported being raped and molested by jesse when I was a kid. but still 5 years later I havent heard anything about this from the Yavapi county Sheriff Sex Crime Dapartment.jesse did shot my mother in the arm. Jesse did rape my mother, my aunt delia , my oldest aunt and my self.If you think that any of this is made up you can email me at that is my email address because. I am tired of people saying that my aunt is a lier. I know all about the hoax's that happen in this world but I swear that this is on this that isnt a hoax. We do not know forsure if jesse is delia's father. but I do know that I know alot more about this story because I lived through the same exact thing jesse pointed a gun at my mother's head and said that if she didnt leave that he would kill her and me and my three siblings.jesse is a heartless ass hole who is going to one day regret what he has done. because I am going to take this hole situation public and see where it ends up.