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Friday, July 28, 2006

Cheryl Ann Magner ~ Missing ~

~UPDATE~ September 16, 08 Cheryl Magner Has Been Found Alive. Hopefully she will be back home with her family soon. All comments to this posts have been removed by the administrator.

Information contained below was posted prior to her being found.

I first posted about Cheryl Ann in May of this year asking for update information on her missing persons case. I recently received an update from her family.

She is still missing and quoting the family member... "What did the police do? Absolutely nothing. They kept telling us that "she was almost 18".... So it wasn't a high priority." The family has had to hire a private detective to investigate Cheryl's case. In their words "the police won't do their job."

Cheryl has been missing since the beginning of June 2005. She was last seen in Marin County, CA. She was 17 years old at the time of her disappearance. She is 5’8” 140 lbs. Cheryl was last seen leaving her job after work and getting into a car that the police have since identified as belonging to a two-time felon. His crimes were “Kidnapping and Terrorism".

If you think you have seen Cheryl please contact the Marin County Sheriffs Department at 415-499-7365. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated by the family.

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