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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Little Jane Doe 1979 Arizona

On March 24, 1979, two rock hunters searching in the riverbed underneath the Tempe Bridge in Tempe, Arizona came across a partially buried skeleton of a little child. The body was partially buried by the far north pillar of the bridge and above the high water mark from floods the prior December. The bridge is a portion of Old State Route 60.

The remains had miscellaneous shards of unidentifiable clothing of off-white coarse weave cotton and possibly a dark blue or gray loose weave blanket. Lining the shallow grave were fragments of newspaper identified as articles appearing in The Arizona Republic on June 6, 1966 and October 2, 1966. It was determined that the child suffered a possible broken neck after she died.

The coroner thinks she had been deceased anywhere from 1-13 years. (It has been judged that the child probably died in 1966, but that is not certain). Anthropologist from the University of Arizona in Tucson could not determine the cause of death.

The press dubbed the child Little Jane Doe

Vital Statistics:
3 feet 3 inches tall - plus or minus 2 inches
Hair -Medium Brown – Approximately 7 inches long

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