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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Samantha Barremore ~ Samantha Baremore ~ Samatha Baremore: The Ties That Bind

Samantha is not the only missing woman connected to a strip club in North Carolina. Just one county over all hell has been breaking loose. I hate airing NC’s dirty laundry but all I can say right now is more power to The Troublemaker and Zartan. It was at these sites that I found links to articles that lead me to believe there may be a connection to Samantha and other missing strippers.

The Trouble Maker : A tale of topless dancers, cocaine and cops has west side connections, it is necessary to underline just how complex this situation is.

The Trouble Maker : Winston Salem Police + Greensboro Police + A Strip Club = A Black Book.

Zartan : Whoa! Cops, Drugs, Strippers & A Black Book

Vital Statistics for Samantha are possibly just around the corner. I have been working with 3 informants to get her vitals and two are on the verge of coming up with what we need to get her listed with many Internet Missing Persons Organizations, including our site and blog.

I received an email from “Hero” it stated: I've talked with some people who know some of the dancers @ the club she worked @ in W-S (SugarBares VIP). No pic (At least so far.) and no exact vitals. As a matter of fact, people are getting real tight-lipped about this.

Source 2 update: He is working his own angle at getting the info we need. To talk about it here could destroy his chances. But he is working on it.

Source 3 update: Feels he will be able to come up with a photo in the next few days.

This is becoming more involved than what I thought it would be. I was just trying to get her photo and vitals so we could get her listed on the Internet, let her photo be seen and her story be heard by a large audience who might be able to report a sighting or report some type of information that would help Law Enforcement. But it now seems we are up against a strong element.

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  1. good luck with Samantha. I hope you are able the info~ getting her case out to the public w/ a picture is a necessity.