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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Red Tile Inn Mystery & The Death of Micheal Moore

The Baker Street Connection is looking for information on “The Red Tile Inn” in Pennsylvania, a Speakeasy in the 1920’s. It was a stop on the Pittsburgh-Charleroi interurban line. The Red Tile district was near Coverdale, a small Allegheny county mining village.

On March 12th of 1929, the doors of the Red Tile Inn were padlocked by order of a federal judge. The reason..."Gay nightlife, drunken parties, slot-machine vices and the ever present booze".
Listed on the complaint were the proprietor, Louis Miezel, and the owner, Cornelie Wuesthoff.

Cornelie Wuesthoff - owner
Louis .Miezel. - proprietor
Jack Sarkrot - proprietor
Carl A. Miller - bartender

The Red Tile Inn later became the private residence of the Michael Moore Family.

Mr. Moore was killed in the home in the early 1950’s, exact date unknown. A man came into the home and murdered Mr. Moore, reason unknown. A small child was the only eyewitness.

Micheal Moore was a civilian government worker. It is believed he could have been killed due to something he was working on at the time.

If you have any information about the Red Tile Inn or the death of Micheal Moore in the early 1950’s please post in the comments section.

Please comment on any memories you have of Red Tile Inn for any year.
Do you know the exact address?

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  1. For a second I got my hopes up and thought it was the filmamker Michael Moore. *lol*

    Anyway if my dad was still alive I'm sure he'd probably know.

    I'm sorry. I know it's not of any help. :(