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Friday, May 15, 2009

Allison Jackson Foy - Update - Homicide

Allison's family has been notified that their long two year search for Allison is finally over. Remains found off of Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, NC, just about three miles from where she was last seen, were identified as Allison through DNA testing. The body of another woman was found with Allison’s body she was identified as Angela Rothen.

At first, police refused to connect the cases, but after two sets of female remains were found in the same area, investigators said they are confident one person killed both women. Police released a composite sketch of a man they want to question about skeletal remains that were found in April and that might belong to two missing women. Witnesses said they saw the man several times in the area along Carolina Beach Road, where human skeletal remains were found on April 26. Police said the man is not a suspect, but they want to interview him. The composite sketch shows a white man in his 50s, standing 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing between 210 and 230 pounds. He has a medium build and fair complexion.

New Message from Allison’s Family:
There is someone out there somewhere who knows who and how Allison left Junction Pub and Billiards that night and eventually we will have all of the answers we so desperately seek. No one deserves to die in the horrific way that Allison and Angela did, and we must prevent this from happening again to others. It is still so hard to believe that Allison was missing and now she is a victim of homicide. My family and I will stand strong and continue to fight the good fight always persevering and never giving up. We will not stop until justice is served! Allison will never be forgotten and continues to live on in all who loved her, but most especially her two daughters.

If you have any information at all, no matter how insignificant it may seem please contact our family through the Allison Foy web site or call the Wilmington PD. 910-343-3600

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